• What claims can be made for LJ100?

    Multiple human clinical studies allow for the following claims:
    • Increases physical and mental energy
    • Boosts sports performance
    • Helps maintain a healthy anabolic/catabolic balance
    • Helps reduce fatigue
    • Improves sleep quality
    • Helps facilitate androgen biosynthesis
    • Encourages hormonal balance and healthy cortisol levels
    • Helps maintain normal high free testosterone levels in men
    • Encourages overall well-being and hormonal health
    • Enhances libido and sexual function
    • Assists in sustaining healthy weight levels and BMI
    • Promotes androgen biosynthesis
    • Boosts healthy alpha pheromones, important in sexual communication, psychological health and behavior

  • Is LJ100 Kosher and Halal?

    LJ100® is both Kosher and Halal certified.

  • What are the dosage amounts for LJ100?

    Typical dosage recommendations, based on traditional use and on the available scientific evidence in humans, are 50 mg to 100 mg a day for dieters, and 100 mg to 200 mg for sexual function, healthy aging and sport nutrition. Studies for testosterone enhancement typically use 200 mg a day. The upper limit is no more than 600 mg per day.

  • Is LJ100 patented?

    Yes. LJ100® has U.S. Patent #7,132,117 and Worldwide Patent, WO 02/17946 A1.

  • What are the mechanisms of action of LJ100?

    It restores normal testosterone levels by increasing the release rate of “free” testosterone from its binding hormone, sex-hormone-binding-globulin (SHBG). Note that LJ100® is not a testosterone booster (e.g., anabolic steroid). LJ100® encourages favorable anabolic balance.

  • Will taking LJ100 encourage male characteristics in women?

    No. LJ100® is completely safe for women to achieve greater well-being, energy and vigor; because it is not a steroid, LJ100® will not encourage male characteristics in women.

  • Where is LJ100 grown?

    Tongkat Ali is collected from the lush rain forests of Malaysia, and is processed in a GMP-certified facility in Malaysia.

  • Is it sustainably harvested?

    Tongkat Ali root is wild-crafted in Malaysia.

  • How does it benefit the indigenous population?

    HP Ingredients supports sustainable wild-crafting, fair trade and socially responsible practices for indigenous collectors in Malaysia, where its raw botanical ingredients are harvested.

  • Is LJ100® GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe)?

    Yes, LJ100® is self-affirmed GRAS.

  • Is LJ100 GMO-free?

    Yes, LJ100® is not genetically modified in any way. Moreover, LJ100® is BSE-free (Bovine spongiform encephalopathy-free) and free of TSEs (Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies).

  • Is LJ100 irradiated?


  • Are any solvents used in LJ100?

    No. LJ100® is processed through a hot-water extraction method. It is a “clean” ingredient.

  • Can LJ100 be marketed in the EU?

    Not yet but we estimate Fall 2017.

  • Can LJ100 be marketed in Japan?


  • Can LJ100 be marketed in Korea?


  • Can LJ100 be marketed in the United States?


  • Can LJ100 be marketed in Canada?


  • What is HP Ingredients (HPI)?

    HP Ingredients (HPI) is a fast-growing research-based botanical company that offers unique, innovative, science-based, clinically proven, patented, safe and natural ingredients to the nutraceutical industry. HPI’s ingredients address today’s most common chronic health conditions; they help support optimal testosterone, energy, heart, blood sugar, cholesterol, weight management, brain and memory health.

  • What is HPI's mission?

    HPI was founded in 2001 by Annie Eng with the goal of bringing nature and science together. Today, HP Ingredients is an innovative nutraceutical company dedicated to providing cutting-edge, science-based nutraceuticals that addresses cholesterol, blood glucose control, weight management, joint health, andropause and healthy aging. HPI believes in ongoing research and development for its premier ingredients. Working with top scientists from around the world, HPI is dedicated to providing ongoing research on its proprietary ingredients in a qualitative manner similar to pharmaceutical products. The company believes in supporting its products with proven science, bringing well-researched, patented plant extracts to the nutraceutical industry.

  • What industry affiliations do you have?

    The American Herbal Products Association and the American Botanical Council (ABC). In fact, LJ100® has adopted Tongkat Ali in ABC’s “Adopt-An-Herb Program” [Herbalgram, the Journal of the American Botanical Council, No. 107, p 25]. ABC describes the program as providing “a mutually beneficial opportunity to support ABC’s nonprofit educational efforts and promote a company’s most important herbs. One of the benefits of supporting the program is that it ensures that the most current information on the adopted herb is available through ABC’s powerful HerbMedPro® database.”

  • Who is Annie Eng?

    While growing up in Malaysia, a country that contains one of the densest rainforest in the world, Annie Eng was always intrigued by the rich plant botanicals, especially a root called Tongkat Ali. She was amazed when she read newspaper articles describing how Tongkat Ali helped older men achieve youthfulness, from increasing energy, to enhancing immune health, to enhancing sexual function. Tongkat Ali grows wild in the deepest rainforest and the Orang Asli (the Malaysian aboriginal people) are the only ones who know how to find them. At that time, there was not enough research and science behind Tongkat Ali and it was viewed as a mystical folk remedy.


    In 2001, Ms. Eng started to investigate Tongkat Ali again and found that the Malaysian government and MIT had collaborated on research about this indigenous root and had filed a worldwide patent on the botanical. Ms. Eng contacted the scientists involved in the research, struck an exclusive distribution agreement for the North American market, trademarked the proprietary, patented extract as LJ100® and founded HP Ingredients in 2002 to introduce LJ100® to the North America market.


    Ms. Eng is actively scouting unique, well-research nutraceutical ingredients from around the world. She travels the globe to work with various groups of scientists and has helped develop several patented and trademarked nutraceuticals such as ParActin®, Bergamonte®, Gevuina Oil and Maqui Berry®. Between 2013 and 2014, Ms Eng launched four additional trademarked ingredients.


    Ms. Eng leads HP Ingredients’ custom formulations and private labeling service to manufacturers. HPI’s innovation in formulations is accomplished by combining its trademarked ingredients with other clinically tested, well-researched nutraceuticals. She has helped formulate several blockbuster finished products for various manufacturers in categories including men’s health, sport nutrition, energy drinks, antioxidant liquid supplements, joint health, heart health and weight loss products.


    Ms. Eng graduated from University of Wisconsin-Madison with a degree in accounting and finance. She started the first 10 years of her career at Gruntal & Co. as vice president in investment and financial consultant. While at Gruntal, Ms. Eng was the youngest producer, was consistently a top 10 producer and was the number-one new accounts opener in the Chicago branch office.


    Ms. Eng is an accomplished business executive with successful leadership experience in the nutraceutical industry. She is the president and founder of HP Ingredients and InnoBioscience, and is actively involved in formulations, private label and commercialization of research-backed, patented, and trademarked nutraceuticals. Ms. Eng enjoys practicing yoga, cross fit, kick boxing, reading and cooking.

  • Where can I get more information about LJ100?

    Email to receive information from the HPI team, including specs, allergens, pricing and private label options.

  • How safe is LJ100?

    LJ100® Tongkat Ali has been used in many human clinical studies and animal studies because it is effective while having a great margin of safety. LJ100® is classified under the World Health Organization, Global Harmony System, Classification of Chemicals, in Category 5, meaning no toxicity. This safety factor is so large that LJ100® is very safe for human consumption, under normal conditions of use, whether as an herbal tonic or clinical remedy.

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