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Winter is over, and we are all feeling spring fever. But in many men, they may be desiring the “oomph” but the body isn’t complying. Low testosterone and a winter characterized by little exercise compounds the problem.


LJ100® Tongkat Ali, from Malaysia, has a long history of helping men get up and go. And it has numerous studies showing benefit. In 2021 alone, there were four studies validating its powers.


LJ100® is one of the foremost researched Tongkat Ali ingredients available for brand marketers. In 2021 alone, several studies have been published validating its powerful abilities to help men remain vibrant and vigorous.


A six-month RCT investigated the sexual performance effects of supplementation with LJ100® Tongkat Ali in middle-aged men with Androgen Deficiency of Aging Males (ADAM). In this study, 45 men with ADAM were randomized into 4 groups (G1: no training and placebo; G2:  supplement only 200mg LJ100®; G3: training only; G4: training + 200mg LJ100®).  The researchers looked at International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF-5), Aging Male Scale (AMS) and total testosterone.


Erectile function demonstrated improvements in both interventions; however, the most significant results were obtained by men allocated to concurrent training + 200mg of LJ100®. Sexual Satisfaction score significantly improved in supplement-only by 29%, and 35% in training and supplement group who also reported a significant increase in sexual desire.  The researchers concluded that a 200 mg LJ100® supplementation with concurrent training for 6 months significantly improved the erectile function of men with ADAM. (Leitao, Maturitas)


A second published study of the same cohort examined the supplement’s effects on muscle strength and cardiorespiratory fitness.  The researchers found the isokinetic peak torque of the knee extensors significantly increased in both training-only and training-supplement groups, while the isokinetic peak torque of knee flexion increased in the training-and-LJ100 group only.  For all participants, testosterone levels were correlated with isokinetic peak torque of knee extension.


Further, a significant difference was found in heart rate between G1 and G4 at 6 months. G3 and G4 demonstrated significant decreases (16.71 points and 16.51 points respectively) in the total ADAM symptomatology after 6 months compared to baseline. Body fat significantly decreased by 1.95% in G3 and 1.78% in G4, and waist circumference decreased by 2.95 cm in G3 and 1.22 cm in G4 after 6 months compared to baseline. (Leitao, Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice)


An RCT gave 105 men aged 50–70 years either LJ100® 100 mg, 200 mg or placebo daily for 12 weeks to investigate effects in men with Low T. The researchers looked primarily at changes in serum total and free testosterone levels; followed by changes in the level of dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c), sex hormone-binding globu­lin (SHBG), insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1), thyroid function tests (T3, T4, TSH and Free T3) and cortisol all as secondary endpoints. Changes in Ageing Male Symptoms (AMS) score, Fatigue Severity Scale (FSS) score and muscle strength are other secondary endpoints.


There was a significant increase in the total testosterone levels at week 12 in the LJ100® 100 mg group and at weeks 4, 8 and 12 in the LJ100® 200 mg group compared to placebo. The AMS and FSS showed significant reduction in total scores at all time-points within- and between-group in both LJ100® groups. DHEA levels significantly increased within-group in both LJ100® groups from week 2 onwards. Cortisol levels significantly decreased in the LJ100® 200 mg group, while muscle strength significantly increased in both LJ100® groups at week 12. Supplementation of LJ100® at 200 mg was able to increase the serum total testosterone, reduce fatigue and improve the quality of life in ageing men within 2 weeks. (Chinnappan, Food & Nutrition Research)


In a placebo-controlled, double-blind study, 32 healthy young men consumed either 600 mg LJ100 or placebo daily for two weeks.


Results via blood analysis showed that there were significant interactions and time effects for testosterone, free testosterone and estradiol (levels in favor of the treatment group, while luteinizing hormone, follicle-stimulating hormone and sexual hormone-binding globulin did not.


The main findings were that LJ100® was able to increase testosterone even in healthy young men, when consumed in high doses – significant increases in testosterone (14%) and free testosterone (34%) were recorded after two weeks. The authors explained, “The supplementation of Eurycoma longifolia for two weeks demonstrates steroidogenic effects on young men were dose-related. Consequently, the raised testosterone following Eurycoma longifolia supplementations could benefit muscle and strength gain in young adults.” (Chan, Andrologia)


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